Media Liaison

Many of us are making a positive impact on society in a variety of ways – as individuals, companies, NGOs, etc.

We can make greater impact by getting the word about what we’re doing ‘out there,’ in doing so attracting more interest.

Advertising is an option, yes, but effective media liaison can give us much-needed coverage at comparatively little expense.

Media liaison entails informing the public about something (an event, product, trend, etc.)  via the media through the issuing of an interesting press release and/or the hosting of a press conference, as well as facilitation of follow up coverage in the form of interviews, photographs, etc.

Evolve Media & Communications is able to assist clients with comprehensive media liaison services including:

-       compiling  interesting press releases

-       organising press conferences

-       disseminating press releases and press kits to relevant media

-       follow up communication with relevant media

-       facilitation of follow up interviews and photo shoots

-       negotiating media partnerships